BETTER PRODUCTS: Cooking Light beats the competition

At Cooking Light we believe In wholesome, simple, scrumptious snacks solutions. These tasty, perfectly puffed Kernels offer an out-of-the-ordinary option for mid- afternoon cravings, movie- night nibbling, or lunch as a side with soup or salad.

Cooking Light’s Snack offering promoteshealthy living by transforming ordinary snack products into nutritious options.

​​​24 Million Consumers Turn To Cooking Light ​​​

​​Cooking Light: One Brand, Multiple Sections

  • Fewer calories, HALF the fat, 50% more protein, and AIR popped!
  • FAR BETTER VALUE 7 oz VS 4.4 oz (Skinny) or 4.8 oz (Angie’s)
  • We don’t pay co-packer fees like the other brands, and pass the value on!